Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: Who is the Guild Master of "The Mercantile"?

      A: @ Dr_Z2 and @Dr_Z (Both the same person). He has 2 accounts to play this Awesome Game.

      Q: How do I get Promoted in this Guild?

      A: Here is a quick rundown of the Guilds Promotions.
    1. 1) Peddles -> Seller: Must have sold 150k worth of goods in the Guild Store in one sales week.
    2. 2) Vender: Must have sold 300K worth of goods in the Guild Store in one sales week.
    3. 3) Retailer: Must have sold 500K worth of goods in the Guild Store in one sales week.
    4. 4) Patron: Must have Purchased 200K worth of goods in the Guild Store in one sales week or Sold 750k worth of goods in the Guild Store in one sales week
    5. 5) Shopkeeper: Must have Purchased 400K worth of goods in the Guild Store in one sales week or Sold 1 million gold worth of goods in the Guild Store in one sales week. This rank is also given to members who are Guild Masters of thier own guild with 350+ members.
    6. 6) Investor: This is a special rank for members who have invested thier time and gold towards The Guild by way of weekly gold donations (100k +), Large weekly ticket purchases for Sweepstakes and Lottery, A weekly average of 1 million gold sales, And a combination of donations, ticket purchases, and sales.
    7. 7) Any other Higher Ranked positions are hand picked by the Guild Master. How he chooses those positions is based on... ...Sorry, how he chooses his officers is a secret. :p
    8. Q: How do I access the Guild Store to buy and sell?

      A: Go to a Bank Teller in any major city throughout Tamriel and select Guild Store.

      Q: My friend wants to join this guild too. Who can send an invitation?

      A: Everyone has the ability to send an Invitation to new Members. Just go to the Guilds Roster page and select the Add Member link at the bottom of the page or press your [E] key on your keyboard and type the persons @(Account Name).
      At this time, Add Member to guild has been disabled. Email the Guild Master who You would like an Invitaion sent to. Please give details who this person is to you and if you know them well. Thank you.

      Q: Can I donate to the Guild Masters Givaway?

      A: As much as the Guild Master appreciates members wanting to donate to the givaway, the Guild Master utilizes this special time to give back a little appreciation to their members. Plus, this is a Random Giveaway--It wouldn't be so random if some of it's members know what is coming for the givaway.

      Q: I'm in another Guild, Can I recruit Our Members to join it?

      A: No. Openingly recruiting for other guilds in Our Guild chat is frowned upon. The only time it is permissible to recruit our members to join your guild, is when a member asks in Open Guild chat that they are looking for another guild to join.

      Q: I was Kicked from the guild for Inactivity, Can I come back?

      A: Yes. Just send an e-mail to @Dr_Z or @Dr_Z2 for membership reinstatement.

      Q: If I quit or get kicked out of a guild, what happens to my items in the Guild Store?

      A: All your Items will be mailed back to you instantly.

      Q: So-and-so is disruptive in guild chat, can you Kick them?

      A: Look, We're all adults here and I'd like to resolve any issues a disruptive member has in open guild chat before any drastic measures are taken. If an incident does occur while the guild master is OFFLINE, Please gather all information of what transpired to the occurrence by getting their @Name, or @Names, of all who were involved and send that information to the Guild Master. Screenshots is very helpful evidence too.

      Q: Do I have to Sell stuff in the Guild Store?

      A: Ask yourself these two questions then answer your own question-- q1) "What is this 'Trade Guild' all about?".. q2) "Why am I here?"... Enough Said!

      Q: Why is this Web site not finished?

      A: Because the Guild Master Loves using regular "Notepad" to code it with :p

      More FAQ coming Soon...

      If you have any Questions and can't find your answer here, Please visit Our By-Laws & Policies page Here.