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@Valkyrie469      # Returning Player - Been back for a little over a month now.  Appreciate the invite and the vendor.  Checking out the website for the first time - Cheers :)
Basculin      # Play casually looking for a nice guild to trade with and use store.  
parkalag      # Been here a while. First time on the website.
scholarofdecay          # I'm new to the guild, thanks for accepting me!
@ChrisBicepz          # Hello! recently joined the guild. will buy all my furnishing stuff, food etc from our vendor. Thanks for the invite
kanos1979      # Hey guys been in the guild just over month. Love the selling part . Thanks for letting me in the door.
Thorntongue      # Been in the Guild for a week now.  Trader is in a good location.  I've been playing since launch, but left and came back after a few year hiatus.  Thanks for the invite