Guild News

      TeamSpeak 3 Server UPDATED

      Oct 1, 2018
      Author: Dr_Z

      Our Guild's TeamSpeak 3 Server has been UPDATED to version 3.4.0. We are now Set for the New TeamSpeak 5 Client Hosting when it becomes available. When, I don't know.

      Thanks for being patient with us.


      Teamspeak 3 Server

      Aug 19, 2018
      Author: Dr_Z

      Our Guild's Teamspeak 3 Server is Out of Date and is no longer supporting the Newest TS3 Clients. Bare with us as we go through the transition of upgrading to the newest supported TS3 server version 3.3.0.


      Guild Events

      Nov 12, 2017
      Author: Dr_Z

      The Mercantile guild is looking into starting "Guild Events". Type of Guild Events will be PVE content ranging from 4 person Groups to 12 person Trials. A scheduled itinerary will be established before the launch of this type of event.

      As for PVP guild events, it will be closely looked at for being a Group Event but at this time, The Mercantile Name will have to be impartial to this type of event till further notice.

      Website to be Updated

      May 18, 2017
      Author: Dr_Z

      Our Website in the next few days is going to be updated. There has been a few changes this past few months for Guild which should be reflected on our website.

      Come to the website often to watch for the updates.


      EVO Jackpot

      Apr 25, 2017
      Author: Dr_Z

      Evolution Jackpot, in short, EVO Jackpot, is coming soon. This is going to be a Progression Jackpot Lottery to help build funds for Our guild Trader bidding.

      He is a little bit more information about the New Lottery:
      EVO Jackpot is The Mercantile Guild's Game of Chance to win some gold. Entry fees are only 5,555 Gold for each ticket which is deposited Separately into The Mercantile's Guild Bank. Enter as many times as you like to increase your chances.

      Two tickets are drawn each week. First person who's ticket is called will be the first person to guess 5 numbers off of the EVO Jackpot board. Second person will guess their 5 numbers next. If there is No winner that week, the Pot will Increase for the next EVO Jackpot game and both players will receive 2 Free tickets to enter.

      The first person who reviels a Gold, Blue, or Yellow Square, will be the winner and the game will end. If the winning participant reveals multiple winning squares, they'll recive the highest payout square as their prize.
      (Rules and How To's are subject to change to fine tune the lottery.)

      So, be on the lookout for the All New EVO Jackpot Lottery.